How to travel to Europe for Under $1000?

 Travelling through Europe is a dream for many wanderlusters around the world. But it can be an expensive place if you are not a smart traveller. There is so much to see and a big bank account would make things easy.

However, with a little bit of planning, you can travel to Europe for under $1000.

Penny pinching travellers have a found some tried and tested ways to wander around the continent for less and we will tell you how you can follow in their footsteps.

  1. Choose a route less travelled.

Yes, Paris, Switzerland and Vienna are the culture capitals of Europe. They are also very expensive. Instead of this expensive route, look at the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. Poland and Hungary are prime examples of true European countries with beautiful vistas.

  1. Chuck hotels and go couch surfing

Stay is usually the second most expensive item after air tickets. Instead of paying hundreds of Euros for a room or a bed at a youth hostel, you can get a free couch via It is a network of hosts who welcome travellers and offer them a couch or a bed for free for a short duration. Do your due diligence and choose a host that you think would make a good match.

  1. Fly when needed

 Europe has a dozen budget airlines and no-frills flights that makes travel super easy. Flights from Morocco to Istanbul can be as low as $70. For shorter distances, check out the Euro rail passes. Within the city, forget hiring an Uber and travel like the locals.

  1. Travel light

Depending on the season you travel, pack a light luggage, preferably a backpack that you can carry without worry. Low budget airlines charge extra for check-in luggage. By travelling light, you save money and time.

  1. Send postcards

They make almost all the trinkets in China. So why bother buying them at tourist prices? Instead of T-shirts or fridge magnets, send postcards to your friends and relatives. It has become so rare and personal that your friends will love you and be jealous of your trip at the same time.

  1. Eat like a local

 Instead of ordering a $20 cake at a fancy cafe, eat like a local. Go to the grocery store and buy what you need. Avoid tourist hotspots and find a place where locals eat.

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