Countries you should not travel to according to the government

After a decade of slumber, international travel has once again picked up. Millineries are discovering that travel is fun and can even be educational. Many of the youngsters have opted to stay away from House, marriage and cars and instead spend their disposable income on travelling around the world.

 While the American dollar is welcome everywhere, there are some parts of the world where it could make you a target for kidnapping or even murder. So it is important to look at the travel advisory for the countries before you make your holiday plans. This list is good for Americans, Canadians and Western Europeans as well as Australians.

The US State Department regularly publishes advisories on different countries and level of severity varies depending on the threat.

For example, Mexico, in general, is not a banned country. But you are advised to stick only to the touristy places like the Yucatan Peninsula which is safe from the drug cartel violence. The type of threat also varies from country to country. In some places, tourist kidnapping has become a lucrative business in other places, terrorist attacks are the reason.

So here is the list of countries you should avoid.

  1. Afghanistan

Despite the number of years spent at war, Afghanistan is still not safe for Caucasians. Terrorist groups like ISIS and the Taliban are present everywhere and terror attacks are a common occurrence around the country. Gunfire, IED, roadside bombs and kidnappings are very common problems in Afghanistan.

  1. Algeria

While the capital city Algiers is relatively safe, the east and south of the city have witnessed numerous terrorist bombings and kidnaps. Several organisations linked to ISIS are active in the country. They do not advise travel to the countryside.

  1. The Bahamas

 There is no terror threat in the Bahamas. But during the Hurricane season, the country can be affected badly and all foreign visitors are advised to leave the country since the limited medical facilities will be hard pressed. Once the hurricane passes, things get back to normal relatively fast.

  1. Burkina Faso

This landlocked African country is on the watch list because of its violent crimes and roadside banditry. Foreigners are typically targets of robbery and rape attempts and thus travel is not advised.

  1. Cameroon

Travel to the north and eastern side of the country is very risky due to the presence of Boko Haram.

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